5 ways to be bold with your tile choices


1. Rich Colours

With the rise of jewel like tones this year it’s becoming increasingly more popular to find these shades for your home. Taking a confident step away from pastels and creams to deeper darker shades is a bold yet rewarding decision, here’s some of our favourites:

Original Style_Artworks_Baroque Blue GBB9002, GBB9906 & GBB9927 with Earthworks Castel Marble_landcape.jpg

Original Style_Mosaics_ Divine.jpg

Original Style_Artworks_Gold 9002, 9921 & Jet Black N9002_landscape.jpg

2. Perfect Patterns

Striking or even subtle patterns make for beautiful memorable interiors; we love the delicate detailing in this Ming mosaic, perfect for an unforgettable bathroom:


Statement floors are also a great way to add drama and style, our Odyssey collection is best placed for this, featured below are Lewtrenchard and Bolero.

original style_odyssey_Grande_Lewtrenchard grey on chalk 8734_a.jpg

Original Style_Odyssey_Grande_Bolero Light Grey, Dark Grey, Summer Yellow 8712.jpg

3. Fabulous Functionality 

The ideal combination, especially for floors.  Odyssey tiles are again great for this but for something more traditional then definitely take a look at our Victorian Floor Tile Collection. Below is a look at some classic and modern options:



4. Big, bold and beautiful

We have some stunning large format tiles, perfect for creating a daring look in your home. Some of our favourites include Nero Marquina shown below, a gorgeous contemporary black marble effect tile with instant impact!

Original Style_Tileworks_Nero Marquina CS1634-12060_6.jpg

The Tileworks collection has a whole host of large format tiles, you can browse the full range here:

5. Finishing Touches

The right finishing touched can really complete a look and make for a unique visual focal point. Border tiles are often overlooked, but can really add that coveted wow factor to a finished design. You can use them to frame, highlight, zone and finish an area to perfection.


Original Style_VFT_Gladstone Detail.jpg