9 good reasons to pick out green tiles


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The colour eco-friendly is loved by several and not shockingly there are 100s of shades ranging from palest eau-de-nil to deep British racing green, with Emerald Eco-friendly as the Pantone colour of 2013. Here is a checklist of motives why green is great for your household:


  1. It has optimistic psychological attributes these as peace and harmony
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  3. Eco-friendly backlinks us to mother nature so convey the outdoors in – green home plants and foliage boost beneficial thoughts and lessen strain
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  5. It performs beautifully with other colours: clean environmentally friendly and white is a crisp mixture, muted and mossy gentle tones go nicely with normal resources this sort of as stone and wood
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  7. Do not think that blue and eco-friendly should not be seen, they are manufactured for every other!
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  9. It is conventional – we have 5 shades of Inexperienced in Artworks, our heritage selection of glossy ceramic wall tiles and authentic mouldings
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  11. It truly is authentic – original Victorian floor tile patterns include eco-friendly with the other standard colors of black, white, buff and blue
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  13. It’s modern-day – lime green Glassworks Splashbacks glass tiles are amazing in kitchens, marketing a thoroughly clean and shiny atmosphere
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  15. Incorporate zing to a colour scheme by applying green as an accent
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  17. Emerald green communicates luxurious and magnificence (as in the jewel)
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