Aqua X Stone Sealer Review


I tried to make this check a recreation of real entire world situations as I felt this would be most important to you. Observing how a item performs in a everyday condition will additional practical to make an educated obtaining determination. There’s no B.S or bias right here, I did this test in my possess home and recorded the genuine final results for our benefit, not the manufacturer’s. 

The sealer was applied to a travertine marble tile that was hardly ever sealed just before. It was totally dry and I applied the sealer to the floor pursuing the recommendations on the bottle. I ensured that any excessive was eliminated and I didn’t flood the tile in the option like is frequently finished with stone tile. Black Diamond does not recommend applying the item in this way.

To guarantee the initial coat dried correctly, I waited 24 hrs before trying the 1st drinking water beading take a look at. Effects of that test can be observed underneath. 

At the time I experienced enough coats to make sure the stone was sufficiently sealed, I used the frequent residence stains and left them on for about one particular moment just before wiping them off with a moist fabric.

This was to simulate the total of time a homeowner would fall a little something on the stone, observe it and run to get a moist fabric or paper towel to mop up the mess. 

Due to the fact we are performing with natural stone, I also did a examination with a prevalent tile and grout cleaner, a product or service most owners get soon after getting stone tile installed. This was to see irrespective of whether a tile cleaner served taken out stains from sealed stone tile. 

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