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We’ve recently added to our Tileworks variety of contemporary ceramic wall and porcelain floor tiles by launching our new spring selection.

We forecast that the most well known tiles from the spring launch will be the wooden outcome planks: these include an aged painted version, a textured tile for critical slip resistant characteristics and a unique adorned wall tile

Daring organic results of stone including marbleslate and metallic in the condition of massive format tiles are all major sellers as well, showing in kitchens, bathrooms and living areas.

Even though both equally sleek and textured whites and neutral tones these kinds of as beige and grey will constantly be favoured there is a shift in direction of colour and decoration also: verify out Montblanc’s Blue, Mosaic Influence and Patchwork Effect to see why.

See Sarah’s blog for additional on the new selection, and why not browse our Pinterest pages for a lot more inspirational strategies?


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