D is for ornamental tiles


Traditional kitchens & bathrooms

Regular and state kitchens and loos are 1 of the most common spots for employing attractive tiles. Hand painted tiles and all those with motifs can incorporate charming country scenes to vintage environments.

In kitchens, why not use reduction tiles, this kind of as Coupe de Fruits (proven appropriate), as a splashback to develop a focal place? Even using these in a neutral colour will draw the eye, providing it someplace to rest. These particulars make a calm feel and a perception of heat – great for a cosy country residence.

Bogs, where by we commonly spend less time than other locations of the household, present the perfect prospect for picking a daring decorative plan. Coral Reef tiles feature a gorgeously intricate underwater scene, each element painted by hand by Unique Fashion artists. These border tiles would search wonderful in a costal or classically styled home when paired with shiny sq. discipline tiles in neutral hues, introducing a dash of colour that can be accentuated with components.


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