How to Lay External Porcelain Tiles


Follow this 3 Step Installation Guide to learn about how to lay external porcelain tiles.

How to Lay External Porcelain Tiles

BAL External products provide everything you need to tile exterior areas. BAL’s new outdoor range provides a familiar system for the most common process of installing pavers and tiles; based on the traditional installation practices for external areas and landscaping.

Learn how to

1. Preparation

Dig out the area to be tiled making sure it is stable and to an approximate depth of 200mm.

Compact Type 1 or MOT grade hard core to 100 – 150mm depth making sure it is well compacted, rigid and stable.

Apply Rock Tite Porcelain Primer to the back of the tiles. Brush or roller are the best methods of application, it needs to be wet when you lay it onto the mortar bed.

Mix ratio: 1.6ltr – 5kg
Working time: 60 mins
Drying time: 10 – 15mins
Coverage: 5kg – 7m2

Rock Tite Products

Garden Stone Beige Setting

2. Laying

Set out the area to be tiled using a horizontal level line and a second sloped line to create a fall, as set out below.

The tiles should fall away from any property at a ratio of 25mm over a 1.5m length.

Lay the previously primed tiles into a solid bed of Rock Tite Mortar approximately 25 – 80mm thick.

Mix ratio: 3.75ltr – 25kg
Drying time: 24hrs
Coverage: 50mm – 0.3m2
25mm – 0.6m2

Rocktite Mortar

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3. Brush-In Grout

Wet the surface of the tiles and keep them moist throughout. Make sure the joints are between 3 – 25mm, clean and dust free.

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Brush the Rock Tite Grout into the joints at 45°using a long handled brush. Keep applying until the joints are filled and void free. Don’t allow the surface to dry out.

Compact the joints and finish them with a jointing tool, if voids appear refill and re-finish. Brush off any excess grout.

Cement free, no mixing required
Working time: Approx 20 mins
Drying time: 24hrs dry

Coverage examples:
600x600x25 – 8mm – 12m2
450x450x25 – 8mm – 8m2

Colours available are Tropical Ebony, Blanched Almond and Steel Grey.

Norcors Rock Tite Grout Colours

Ancient Stone Cream Setting

Rock Tite 123 Poster

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