Imagine Pink


If when you consider of pink your mind mechanically conjures up images of Barbie, bubble-gum shades and spaces that can only be described as ‘girly’, you’re not on your own – but it does not have to be that way. When used thoughtfully, pink can increase a sense of warmth, playfulness and vibrancy to any house.

One particular of the cardinal guidelines to producing a pink scheme that does not overwhelm is to use sparingly and as an accent in essential locations. Although wall to wall pink can be jarring, components of pink employed to build a element wall or concentrate space can glimpse amazing. Mix your pink with a neutral shade such as refined, chocolate brown or sophisticated gray for a grown up seem that is relaxing but inviting.

Pink can also be spectacular when paired with inky black, offering a potent contrast that anchors the shade to stop the appear turning out to be extremely female. These Andia Constellation glass tiles (proven leading) add more vibrancy with their glittering, metallic complete. Certainly not a glance for the faint hearted!


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