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Tilling has never been easier. When it comes to professional tiling services in Northampton, AG Tiling Northampton is the only name you need to know. With minimal inconvenience, our professional tile fitters will remove old tiles and replace them with new tiles. Enjoy a newly tiled kitchen, floor, or bathroom that looks the part. Ours is a quick and dependable method for achieving the kind of home improvement that can make all the difference. Our expert teams will demonstrate the benefits of tiling work, such as:

  • It can be used in any space or property.
  • We provide a quick and flexible service.
  • All tools and equipment are provided by our specialists.
  • Any additional materials required can be delivered to your home.
  • We charge on an hourly basis, so you only pay for the time spent working.
  • We are well-equipped.

We make certain that everything is in order. Our teams arrive completely prepared for the job, bringing everything they require. They will have all of the necessary equipment and tools, such as grout finishing devices, tile cutters, adhesive spreaders, and so on. Tiles will be collected and delivered as well. The cost of materials is added to your bill.

Expert tile advice

Our tiler professionals will always be happy to assist you by providing professional advice on the tiles you select. Whatever tiles you choose, you can be confident that they will be installed precisely and with care to avoid disrupting your regular routine.

Tiling done by a professional.

All work will be completed quickly and efficiently, beginning with the removal of any old tiles and ending with the placement of the new. Grouting and sealing will be done to the greatest standard as well. Our specialists will clean and tidy up so that there is no mess.

A world of options

Our Northampton tilers will lay any type of tile, whether you are tiling your kitchen, bathroom, or any other area. The following are some of the most prevalent tiles:

  • Glass
  • Porcelain
  • Slate
  • Marble
  • Victorian
  • Natural stone
  • Vinyl
  • Mosaic
  • Ceramic

Inquire with your AG Tiling Northampton expert about:

  • Patterned tiles
  • Commercial tile installation
  • Floor tiling
  • Bathroom tiling, partial or complete
  • Domestic tiling

We cover all of Northampton and work on weekends and bank holidays. Please call us right away with your location and dates.

FAQs about AG Tiling Northampton (Bathroom & Kitchen Tiling)

Book from Monday to Saturday and let us know if you have any after-hours, bank holiday, or weekend needs.

Yes, our floor tilers are always willing to offer guidance and suggestions.

Our experts are all local, and they will always try their utmost to meet an urgent request for help.

Yes, all AG Tiling Northampton specialists are fully insured and adhere to health and safety regulations.

There isn’t much of a distinction because porcelain tiles are a subset of ceramic tiles. Both are composed of clay as well. The main distinction is that porcelain tiles are significantly stronger than ceramic tiles and may be utilised in almost any room of the house. Bathrooms are ideally suited to ceramic tiles.

It is critical to fit kitchen tiles on a solid, waterproof foundation. Cement is thus a good choice even for kitchens on the second floor.

The proper grout colour complements the tiles even more. We recommend matching the grout colour to the kitchen tiles.

Book your Northampton tiling service from Monday to Saturday, including after-hours and bank holidays.

Don’t worry, the floor tilers will gladly provide you with free, useful advise on any element of the project.

Because the technicians are local and often on the go, you can count on flexing booking slots on the same or following day. Please keep in mind that short-notice service booking is subject to availability.

Yes, all of the specialists are fully insured and adhere to health and safety regulations, so you can be assured that the work is covered.

Yes, all of the specialists are fully insured and adhere to health and safety regulations, so you can be assured that the work is covered.

Kitchen Tiling

When it comes to freshening up your kitchen, the kitchen tiles you employ are crucial. Decorating your kitchen with attractive tiles, whether on the floor or the walls, provides colour and style, thus giving your kitchen life. There are hundreds of styles to choose from, and you can trust AG Tiling Northampton to fit your kitchen with the style and type you require. Do you want to start working on your dream kitchen? We can accommodate all budgets and needs. So, please contact us today for a free quote!

Kitchen Tile Usability

Aside from aesthetics, tiles play an important purpose in your kitchen. Your kitchen floor is frequently subjected to pours and spills as a result of the constant cooking, eating, and drinking that occurs. As a result, the tiles you select should be composed of a material that can withstand the heavy weight while also keeping the attractiveness of your kitchen floor.


When it comes to first-time installations, remodels, and renovations, planning is undoubtedly one of the most critical aspects. This is why our professionals at AG Tiling Northampton seek to inspect your kitchen to determine the size of the floor, as this expedites the process. It also allows us to determine the best tile size and placement, saving you money during the procurement process. We also get to choose the appropriate tile size to avoid having to cut tiles, which is especially useful on tricky angles.


Kitchen tiles are available in a variety of colours and patterns, as well as shapes and sizes. Finally, the tile design you select is determined by your personal preferences and what you find appealing.

Here are some materials you might choose for your kitchen floor.


Northampton Kitchen Tiles are frequently fitted with ceramic or porcelain tiles. The explanation for this is straightforward. These tiles are extremely long-lasting and have been utilised in the majority of residences for many years. Porcelain tiles are a heavier and more durable version of ceramic tiles. Because they are easily customisable, you have a broad variety of gorgeous designs and colours to pick from. Porcelain and ceramic tiles are also low-maintenance tiling materials, so spills or pours can be cleaned up with a mop. When installing either of these tiles, you should consult with an experienced tiling specialist because they demand careful handling and exact cutting.


Travertine is becoming increasingly popular in Northampton kitchens, particularly among homeowners who prefer a rustic or earthy look in their kitchens. These tiles feature very distinct designs and are now considered high-end. Travertine tiles are formed of limestone, and while they are not expensive, they do require some maintenance, including the application of a waterproofing sealer on a regular basis. Travertine, with proper care, may last a lifetime in your kitchen.


If sheer elegance is what you seek, few, if any, tiling materials can compete with marble. Marble can make your kitchen look ultra-luxurious and add charm. This material is available in a variety of colours, and the stone can even be carved. Marble tiles are extremely expensive, but if your budget allows, you will have gorgeous yet long-lasting tiles. It is critical to use professional tiling experts to avoid chipping or cracking during installation.

It's never been easier to tile your bathroom or kitchen.

AG Tiling offers professional tiling services in Northampton. We can send skilled tile fitters to your home who will remove the old tiles and replace them with minimal fuss. Soon, you’ll be able to enjoy your newly tiled bathroom, kitchen, or any other room’s floor. We provide one of the quickest and most dependable methods for dealing with this type of home repair. The specialists will ensure that you are satisfied with the work they have completed. For your convenience, here are some of the benefits that come with this service:

  • Appropriate for all types of buildings and spaces;
  • Service that saves time, is efficient, and is adaptable.
  • The specialists bring all necessary equipment and tools.
  • Extra materials can be purchased and delivered to your location.
  • Charges are based on the number of hours worked, so you only pay for the time spent on the service.

Tilers who work quickly and efficiently are available to you.

All tools, equipment, and materials required

This is a service that handles everything. In other words, the professional tilers will bring everything required for the job to be completed successfully. Tile cutters, grout finishing instruments, and adhesive spreaders, as well as grout and adhesives, are all examples of equipment and tools. In addition, the expert can collect and transport your preferred tiles before to the service. Remember that the costs of the tiles and materials will be included to your final quote.

Seek professional guidance on the tiles you intend to use.

The tilers will gladly provide you their professional advice on what type of tiles you should acquire for your home. And, regardless of the type, you can be confident that they will be fitted accurately and with minimal disruption to your everyday routines.

The professionals conduct the tiling work.

The specialists will handle all of the job, from removing the old tiles to installing the new, promptly and efficiently. In addition, all grouting and sealing will be handled. And because there will be no mess, you will be able to enjoy and use your newly tiled surfaces right away.

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