Tile Color Inspiration Room by Room


Searching for a tile color for your space? With so many attractive tile colors to choose from, settling on the perfect one can be a challenge.

While the right tile color for you depends on many factors, including your personal aesthetic and the size of your space, your first consideration should be the function of the room you plan on tiling. Different rooms have different needs, and a color that works for one type of room won’t necessarily be a great choice for another.

To help get you started, we’ve created this room color inspiration guide, equipped with tile color ideas for every room of the house — plus some additional tips to help you with your tile selection.

Bathroom Color Ideas

Because of their (typically) smaller size, bathrooms present an opportunity to pack a creative punch with a great tile color. 

So what are the best bathroom colors? Color experts at Martha Stewart say that these are the bathroom colors that will be most popular in 2021:

  • Pale blues
  • Moody greens
  • Warm neutrals
  • Earthy yellows
  • Chalk white

Of these colors, our favorite bathroom color ideas are pale blue, moody green, and chalk white.

Bathroom with blue penny round tile walls and flooring
Textured blue mosaic tile gives this otherwise all-white bathroom the only decor it needs.

Blue bathroom colors have long been a favorite, and pale blue is a particularly refreshing option. Options include cool, dusty blue with a hint of gray and a slightly brighter blue, such as that pictured above, that’s reminiscent of water.

Bathroom with variegated green tile backsplash
Green bathroom colors such as this variegated green backsplash tile create a moody yet mellow vibe.

Moody green bathroom colors are the go-to choice to create a statement bathroom look this year. Rich or deep nature-inspired green tile offers the dual benefits of being bold and still visually pleasing.

Bathroom with white hexagon tile backsplash
White tile is perhaps the most popular choice for bathrooms.

White bathroom tile was popularized in the Victorian era and still hasn’t gone out of style, for good reason. Chalk white tile creates an even more crisp and clean look — perfect for bathrooms. 

If white tile isn’t for you but you still want to go with a neutral, you can’t go wrong with grey bathroom colors. Like white, grey bathroom colors give you the option to change up the look of your bathroom with accent colors whenever you feel like a new design. Both white and gray tile are also excellent options if you’re looking for farmhouse bathroom colors.

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Master Bedroom Color Ideas

Master bedroom colors are a highly personal choice — after all, this space is entirely your own, and the bedroom colors you choose need to please you and no one else. That said, keeping certain considerations in mind will help you create your personal oasis.

For example, many people choose to go with a bedroom tile color that promotes sleep. The best bedroom colors for sleep include blue, light pink, white, beige, and green — all shades that make you feel relaxed, secure, and happy. 

Very dark and very bright hues can be too energizing for a space in which you’re supposed to wind down. 

Bedroom with light wood-look tile flooring and walls
Beige tile, such as the wood-look tile above, can help promote sleep.

Feng shui is an important consideration for any room, but especially for your bedroom, since it is the room that is most personal and private, and is thus the most connected to your qi (or life force energy). As a result, many people try to find the best color for bedroom feng shui.

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The best feng shui bedroom colors depend on what you’re personally attracted to as well as what feelings you would like to cultivate. For instance, you might choose:

Bedroom with black tile wall
Feng shui bedroom colors can help you promote different feelings. For example, black tile cultivates wisdom.

Many people gravitate toward neutral bedroom colors to let their furnishings and textures do the talking. If you go this route, don’t worry that you’re limiting yourself to white, gray, and beige — neutral bedroom color ideas are numerous, with many new neutrals even sporting a touch of color.

Bedroom with gray and beige textured tile wall
You can’t go wrong with neutral bedroom colors. If you can’t choose just one neutral tile color, use a combination!

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Living Room Color Ideas

As your primary gathering and entertaining space, the living room is typically the room where you want to make the best impression. Of course, you have a huge selection of ceramic tile options for your living room space, so we’ve grouped the options into three colorways: neutral living room colors, mood-setting dark living room colors, and colorful and bright living room colors.

Neutral living room color ideas include white, gray, greige, beige, blush pink, gray-green, brown, and black. We’re particularly excited about colors such as blush pink and gray-green, which are some of the new neutrals becoming increasingly popular right now. 

Living room with wood-look tile flooring and stone-look fireplace surround
Beige is making a comeback as a popular neutral for living rooms (and the rest of the house).

When it comes to darker and moody living room color schemes, dark blues, blacks, deep greens, and dark wood looks make stunning backdrops for furnishings. Navy blue living room color schemes are timeless, and peacock color palettes are currently trending. Flooring, accent walls, and tiled fireplace surrounds are all beautiful opportunities to incorporate ceramic tile into your living room.

Unique black tile fireplace surround
Ceramic tile can add a unique focal point to your living room fireplace. Plus, ceramic tile is fire resistant and won’t give off toxic fumes or melt when exposed to flame (as some non-ceramic materials can).

If you’re looking for bright, colorful living room ideas to add energy to your space, consider yellows, pinks, and light blues, greens, and blue-greens.

Living space with green marble-look tile flooring and clay-colored wall tile
These blush pink and green shades add color to the space without being overwhelming.

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Kitchen Color Ideas

Choosing a tile color for your kitchen can be both challenging and fun, since you have the opportunity to coordinate with all your other tiled surfaces, appliances, cabinets, and paint colors. 

While kitchen color options are numerous, a few kitchen colors stand out as particularly popular choices. 

First up, we see a lot of neutral kitchen colors, which allow you to play with colorful cabinets or appliances as accents. Think white, beige, gray, or sage. In terms of choosing a tile style, these neutral hues give you the option of picking a monochromatic design or a natural look such as stone or wood looks.

Kitchen with cream tile flooring and backsplash
Light neutral kitchen colors can make the space feel brighter and bigger.

For warm kitchen colors, yellows, oranges, and reds are cheerful options. While you can certainly choose bright versions of each of these shades, lighter and more muted tones are also available, such as light yellow-beige, terracotta, and rich reds with brown undertones. And as an added bonus, orange and red are thought to stimulate appetite — making them perfect for kitchens.

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Kitchen with wood-look tile flooring and yellow tile backsplash
Yellow is a popular energizing hue for kitchens.

Additionally, blue kitchen colors never go out of style, and blue tile looks great with a wide range of cabinet colors. In fact, blue tile is one of the most popular backsplash trends.

Kitchen with light blue subway tile backsplash
Light blue tile is an excellent complement to crisp white counters and cabinets.

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Open-Concept Floor Plan Color Ideas

Open-concept floor plans have long been popular due to the expansive feeling they create and their ability to bring together the entire family in one space. When it comes to choosing colors for these spaces, there are additional considerations:.

Do you choose one color for the entire space? Or multiple? And if the latter, how many different tones?

Behr recommends choosing a harmonious color palette of three to five colors, including:

  • One white or light tone
  • One to two neutral tones
  • One to two supporting colors
Living room with gray wood-look tile flooring
This open-concept living area utilizes one white/light color (the walls), one neutral (the wood-look flooring), and one accent color (the yellow window treatments and pillows).

You can also use different colors to delineate different areas within your open-concept space, such as the kitchen, dining area, and living room. Earth tones are a great option because they tend to look good with each other as long as they are in similar tones. 

If working with multiple colors, try to use your colors in different ways throughout the space to tie everything together.

Living space with white marble-look tile flooring
The pillows on the couch tie the three paint colors in this open-concept space together, while the flooring provides a light and airy backdrop for all of the accents.

Outdoor Room Color Ideas

Porches, patios, decks, and pool surrounds are valuable living spaces for any home — and another opportunity to create an impactful ceramic tile design.

When choosing colors for an outdoor space, remember to work with the existing colors in your home’s facade and surrounding natural elements. The best colors for outdoor spaces will depend on those existing tones. Popular options use earth tones to create spaces that blend in with the natural surroundings..

Outdoor area with multicolor arabesque tile flooring
The warm earth tones in this arabesque tile flooring create a natural look that pairs well with the home’s white stucco exterior and compliments the additions of blue, red, and green decor.

Neutral tones let greenery or water features in your outdoor space steal the show. After all, there’s no competing with these natural accents.

Warm and cool neutrals can help balance each other while adding to the natural color palette of your outdoor space. This luxurious outdoor dining area and pool surround incorporates both with its gray and orange slate-look tile.
Cement-look indoor-outdoor tile
Neutrals are also a great option for bridging indoor-outdoor spaces.

Dining Room Color Ideas

The dining room is a popular area to use a statement color to make a strong design impact. For many people, that means choosing dramatic dining room colors such as deep red, blue, brown, or even black.

Dining room with oxidized-look black tile flooring
Black tile flooring with an oxidized look sets the mood in this open dining room area.

Bright dining room colors can also make a strong impact. Popular options include sunny yellow, chrome yellow, cantaloupe, bright blue, turquoise, and coral.

Wood look tile in a Northampton pattern brings in subtle yellow tones for a dining room feature wall.

Of course, dining rooms aren’t always closed-off spaces — they’re often just off a kitchen or living room, meaning that you can’t really choose a color for the dining room alone. Neutral hues tend to be the best dining room colors for open floor plans, but that doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate any color. 

While The Spruce recommends a greige tone as its “best neutral” for dining rooms, soft greens and light, airy pink shades are also suggested.

Dining room with light wood-look tile flooring
Soft colors such as light pink or green are ideal dining room wall colors for open-concept spaces, and pair well with neutral tile flooring such as wood and stone looks.

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Laundry Room Color Ideas

The laundry room may be a utility room by design, but that doesn’t mean it has to have a utilitarian look. Adding ceramic tile to your laundry room can simultaneously protect your surfaces and give your space style.

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So what are the best laundry room colors? The Spruce recommends the following laundry room color ideas to create your optimum laundry room vibe. What’s your preference— clean and soothing or polished and energized—to perform the task?

  • Light tan with yellow undertones
  • Cool white with hints of gray and beige
  • Light beige
  • Moody, deep green
  • Muted silver gray
  • Pastel blue
  • Light pink
  • Pale lavender

Rather than stark white tile, opt for a white with hints of beige and/or gray to add warmth while still maintaining a clean and bright look.

Laundry room with white tile flooring
White laundry room tile looks great with appliances of all colors, as well as monochromatic looks.

Light beige tile is a versatile choice that looks good with a wide range of accent colors. Since it doesn’t stand out too much, light beige is ideal for transitional laundry rooms that you can see from other parts of the house, such as the kitchen or a bathroom.

Laundry room with light wood-look tile
Light beige tile is a great neutral option for laundry room tile.

Pink tile adds personality to small laundry rooms. While softer pinks such as the one below create a vintage look, brighter pinks and corals make a spunky statement.

Laundry room with pink tile dog shower and black and white graphic tile flooring
Pink laundry room tile pairs well with cool neutrals.

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Color Inspiration for Any Room of the House

Here are a few more tile color ideas that work for any room of the house.

Nature Color Inspiration

Bathroom with earthy yellow tile feature wall
Earthy yellow is an excellent choice if you want to create a nature-inspired color palette.

Nature-inspired colors are becoming increasingly popular as part of the larger trend of biophilic design. Incorporating a nature-inspired color palette and other natural elements into your home can help fulfill your inherent need to connect with nature, as well as improve your well-being.

Nature-inspired colors include earth tones such as greens, browns, reds, and earthy yellows. You can also opt for ocean-inspired colors, including blue, teal, turquoise, or aqua.

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Colors That Inspire Creativity

Living room with reflective blue tile flooring
Blue tile is a great choice for anywhere you want to get your creative juices flowing.

What color inspires creativity? 

An experiment led by researchers at the University of British Columbia found that blue opens people’s minds to new ideas and promotes trust, communication, and efficiency — all important elements for creativity. And in a study from the University of Munich, green was shown to spur innovation by promoting balance and harmony.

However, colors that inspire creativity are also deeply rooted in personal aesthetics; so if purple is your very favorite color, for example, it may be the right choice for promoting your innovation.

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Colors That Make a Room Look Bigger

Living room with three-dimensional pastel pink tile wall
Pastels are a great option to make your space look larger while still adding color.

When you’re trying to decorate a small apartment or home, you may want to choose tile in colors that make a room look bigger. The best colors for creating a spacious look include:

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Let Your Colors Shine

Whichever room you are designing, we hope you’ve found the perfect tile color. For more tile color inspiration, check out our other color guides below or explore the different options in our Design Gallery.