81 Bathroom Backsplash Ideas You’ll Love


Regardless of whether you have a small or large space, a ceramic tile backsplash can make a huge design impact. 

Particularly in the bathroom, backsplash tile can set the tone for the whole space while also protecting your walls from water damage and creating a low-maintenance, easy-to-clean surface.

Of course, the impact of bathroom backsplash tile makes it even more important that you choose the right design for your space. Thankfully, there are numerous (dare we say limitless?) designs for you to choose from, with options for different tile colors, shapes, sizes, textures, natural looks and patterns.

On that note, here are 81 bathroom backsplash ideas, including:

  • Small bathroom sink backsplash ideas
  • Backsplashes with standing vanities
  • Backsplashes and floating vanities

Small Bathroom Sink Backsplash Ideas

We’ll start with small bathroom sink backsplash ideas. Keep in mind that these aren’t necessarily small bathroom backsplash ideas, but rather backsplash designs that look great behind small sinks (aka no attached vanity) — regardless of the size of the bathroom.

So, let’s dive into our favorite backsplash ideas for bathroom sink setups.

1. Pink-Tipped White Hexagon Tile

Bathroom backsplash with white and pink hexagon tile

If you think you’re seeing circle and triangle tiles, look again. This bathroom sink backsplash is actually white hexagon tiles with the tips colored two different shades of pink — proof that just a little touch of color goes a long way!

2. Interlocking Circle Design With Metallic Touches

Powder room half wall tile with a silver design
Bathroom backsplash tile with an interlocking circle design and metallic touches

This bathroom sink backsplash — in addition to its dazzling pattern and metallic look — offers a good reminder that backsplashes can go as high (or low) as you want. Consider installing a half wall with your bathroom backsplash tile to create a unique look. Add molding for the cherry on top!

3. Follow the Yellow Brick Road Tile Mosaic

Golden-hued mosaic glass tile bathroom backsplash in a subway tile layout

We don’t know about you, but we’d follow this golden glass tile anywhere!

4. Minimalist Matte Tiles in Beige

Minimalist beige bathroom backsplash tile

This bathroom design downplays its matte beige tiles — even minimizing the appearance of the grout — to let the contemporary sink, mirror and other fixtures do the talking.

5. Chevron Glass Tile Mosaic in Shades of Greige

Chevron glass mosaic tile in gray, beige, and cream

This bathroom goes for the glam with a chevron glass tile mosaic that hangs like a work of art behind the twin sinks and mirrors. For anyone who wants floor-to-ceiling bathroom backsplash tile but doesn’t necessarily want to use the same tile design across the entire wall, this is a stylish example to follow.

6. Silver and Gold Northampton Tile

Silver and gold Northampton tile backsplash

This bathroom sink backsplash is similar to the previous example in color and design, and yet what a different look! The differences lie in the Northampton layout (rather than chevron) and the larger tile size.

7. Pearly Brick Tile With a Leaf Border

Cream brick-look powder room tile with a leaf border
Pearly brick tile half wall with a leaf border

This pearly brick tile half wall goes just half way up the wall but it goes a long way toward protecting the area directly behind the sink (the splash zone) — and making a strong design impact. 

What’s more, the delicate leaf border frames the wallpaper as if it were a work of art. If you ask us, the whole bathroom is an artful masterpiece!

8. Beige Stone-Look Subway Tile Partial Wall

Beige subway tile in a stone look

Sophistication is the theme in this bright and spacious master bath, making beige subway tile in an understated stone look the perfect choice. 

9. Hexagon and Rhombus Tile Wall

Hexagon and rhombus tiles in gray and white

This full-wall backsplash manages to be both playful and minimalist at the same time. The fun star pattern created by the hexagon and rhombus tiles contrasts artfully with the crispness of the grayscale color palette and matte finish.

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10. Glossy Honey-Toned Stone-Look Tile

Stone-look backsplash tile in a glossy finish

This no-nonsense bathroom wraps you in warmth with honey-hued glossy stone-look backsplash tile that encompasses the bathroom from the walls and flooring to the shower.

11. Cement-Look Tile Grid

Cement-look backsplash tile in an oversized tile grid

If anyone’s looking for modern bathroom backsplash ideas, we have a winner right here. An oversized cement-look tile grid creates the perfect backdrop for colorful artwork and unique contemporary bathroom fixtures.

12. Aquamarine Square Tile in a Slight Offset

Aquamarine square tiles laid in a slight offset

These aquamarine tiles create a soothing feeling and give us major under-the-sea vibes, especially because of the way their glossy textured surface catches the light.

13. Greige Stone-Look Tile

Greige stone-look tile in a rectangle grid

Earthy sophistication reigns in this master bath. Greige stone-look tile in a neat rectangular grid strikes the perfect balance between natural and orderly.

14. Metallic Interlocking Circle Tile Pattern

White wallpapered-look powder room backsplash tile with a silver design
Mosaic tile with an interlocking circle design in a metallic finish

This design is at the top of our list for glamorous bathroom tile backsplash ideas. This mosaic tile pattern could go on and on forever, which is fitting for a design that symbolizes infinity. Add in a metallic finish and you have a bathroom backsplash idea that’s infinitely enchanting.

15. Back-to-Basics Beige Tile Grid

Rectangular tile grid with glossy beige tile

Sometimes simple does it, as this straightforward beige tile in a rectangular grid proves.

16. Caramel-Colored Stone-Look Mosaic

Stone-look mosaic backsplash tile in caramel tones

How do you make a spacious bathroom feel warm and cozy? Cover it in caramel-toned stone-look tile, starting with a full-wall mosaic backsplash.

17. Black Marble-Look Gauged Porcelain Tile

Black and White Tile Powder Room wall in a marble look
Gauged porcelain tile backsplash in a black marble look

If you’re looking to make a strong impression, you can’t go wrong with this black marble-look gauged porcelain tile for your backsplash.

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18. White Tile Grid

White tile grid contrasted with golden accents

A white tile grid sets the stage for a gilded mirror flanked by  a golden tile pattern to the left and right. Voila — a palatial bathroom.

19. Black and White Stone-Look Tile With Gold Borders

Black and white stone-look tile accented with golden tile borders

What’s black, white, and golden at the edges? This refined bathroom, which knows that just a touch of glam goes a long way.

20. Glossy Blue Northampton Tile

Blue herringbone bathroom tile wall with octagon and dot tile flooring
Glossy Northampton tile in blue

Here’s one of our favorite bathroom backsplash tile ideas. Gold bathroom fixtures pop against this glossy blue Northampton tile. To top it off, black and white octagon and dot tile flooring adds a retro flair.

21. 3D “Wave” Gauged Porcelain Tile in White

White gauged porcelain tile with a wave-like 3D pattern

Did we mention that tile even comes in three-dimensional surfaces? This white gauged porcelain tile with 3D “waves” has us wanting to reach out and touch it.

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Bathroom Vanity Backsplash Ideas

Now, let’s move on to backsplash ideas for bathroom vanity setups. 

When it comes to bathroom vanities, backsplash ideas are just as numerous and versatile as with sinks. You’re sure to find a backsplash design you love to compliment any size, color, or material type of your vanity.

22. Gray Floral Tile

We’ve never seen flowers like this in real life, but they’re sure blooming in this tile pattern — even without additional color. Plus, the gray tile and gray vanity create a monochromatic look that gives the space a minimalist quality.

23. White Hexagon Tile

White hexagon tile backsplash

These white hexagon tiles’ borders make them feel as though they’re popping off the wall. 

24. Subtly Patterned Diagonal Gray Tile

Diagonally laid gray tile with a subtle pattern

This bathroom makes a strong case for monochromatic color palettes, featuring a gray tile backsplash that coordinates with the vanity, tile flooring, mirrors, and bathroom fixtures. Laying the tile diagonally and choosing a subtle pattern provides the perfect amount of visual interest for this bathroom vanity backsplash.

25. Off-White Vertical Tile Grid

Vertical tile grid in an off-white hue

Don’t have a specific design in mind but still want to protect your walls from water damage? A simple off-white bathroom vanity backsplash may be just what you need.

26. Green Variegated Tile

Green tile grid in a variegated look

Bathroom vanity backsplashes don’t get much more striking than this, if you ask us (but then, we have the hardest time deciding!). Variegation (or subtle shading differences) as well as a handmade look give the backsplash an organic feel that helps connect us to the outdoors.

27. Black and White Patterned Tile

Black and white tile backsplash pattern with circles and diamonds

Circles and diamonds have never looked so sophisticated. The simple black and white tile pattern creates a statement look in this sleek bathroom.

28. White Tile With a Gray Tile Border

White backsplash tile with a gray tile border

When it comes to easy bathroom backsplash ideas, you can’t go wrong with white bathroom backsplash tile. Here, a gray tile perimeter adds stylish interest that is further highlighted by an accent color. This is a great choice for a kids’ bathroom, allowing you to swap in different accent colors or keep it sophisticated with gray and white alone.

29. Diagonal Pearl-Toned Tiles

Pearly white tiles laid diagonally

There’s nothing basic about these white tiles. Their diagonal layout and pearly tone add to this restroom’s grandeur. 

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30. 3D White Marble-Look Mosaic Tile

White marble-look mosaic tile in a 3D design

If you’re looking for small bathroom vanity backsplash ideas, here’s one that won’t disappoint. The white marble-look tile mosaic features a 3D design so that it (literally) stands out. We particularly love how the caramel-toned veining adds color variation.

Pro tip: If you’re worried that this backsplash design looks hard to install, don’t be. Many tile mosaics come in mesh-backed sheets for quick and easy installation.

31. Marble-Look Octagon and Dot Mosaic Tile

Octagon and dot tile in a marble-look mosaic

If you only have a strip of wall to cover between your vanity and mirror, choose a tile mosaic so you can show off more of your pattern or layout. This marble-look octagon and dot mosaic adds a thoughtful design cohesion with the flooring — even if there isn’t very much of it!

32. Blue-Green Tile Grid

Blue-green tile in a horizontal grid

A colorful tile and simple grid layout are the perfect combination for a slightly retro backsplash.

33. White Marble-Look Gauged Porcelain Tile With Oversized Veining

Gauged porcelain tile backsplash in a white marble look with large veining

You know by now that you can use gauged porcelain tile for your bathroom vanity backsplash. But did you know that you can use it for the sink and vanity itself as well?

The oversized veining on this white marble-look tile has us thinking of white tigers. Of course, tile this stylish isn’t nearly as rare!

34. Gray Marble-Look Gauged Porcelain Tile

Marble Tile Powder Room wall and flooring
Gauged porcelain tile backsplash in a gray marble look

We love the soothing veining in this gray marble-look tile, which spans the diagonal length of the tile slab.

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35. Mini Blue Tile Grid

Blue Powder Room Mosaic Tile wall
Mini tile grid in baby blue

This mini tile grid in baby blue is absolutely dazzling, reflecting light and creating a bright and clean look in the small bathroom.

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36. Matte Greige Northampton Tile

Greige Northampton tile in a matte finish

This bathroom is one of contrasts: A bright vanity and shiny faucets against a greige matte Northampton backsplash. Effective, don’t you think?

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37. Stone-Look Tile Mosaic Grid

Mosaic tile grid in a stone look

This stone-look mosaic tile grid is the perfect complement to the wood countertops and vanity, creating an undeniable modern farmhouse feel.

38. Gold Brick-Look Tile

Golden brick-look tile backsplash

You’d have us fooled if you told us this bathroom backsplash was made of real gold (but it’s ceramic tile!). 

39. Gray Stone-Look Rectangle Tiles

Gray stone-look tiles in two shapes

We often see coordinating backsplash and floor tile, with mosaic tiles used for the backsplash and larger tiles used for the flooring. This bathroom switches that norm — and to great effect. The matte gray stone-look tile creates a clean and classic backdrop for the contemporary vanity and fixtures.

40. Dark Gray Stone-Look Tiles in Mixed Sizes

Gray stone-look tile in small and large rectangles

Can’t choose whether to go with a mosaic or large tiles? Follow the lead of this gray stone-look bathroom backsplash tile and incorporate both!

41. Mosaic Tile Grid With a Pixelated Look

Mosaic tile grid in green, black, and white

The different green, black, and white shades in this mosaic tile grid create a pixelated look and a unique design impact in this bathroom.

42. Creamy Wood-Look Mosaic Tile Planks

Mosaic tile planks in a creamy wood look

Wood, in the bathroom? That’s right — thanks to ceramic tile’s water resistance, our backsplash bathroom ideas are full of wood looks. Go with the size of traditional wood planks or a mosaic, such as this bathroom vanity backsplash.

43. Black Concrete-Look Tile

Concrete-look tile in black

Here’s another look you might not expect to see in a bathroom — concrete. This black concrete-look tile backsplash creates an industrial vibe yet a surprisingly cozy feeling. We wouldn’t mind soaking in this tub!

44. Oversized Brown Subway Tile With a Mosaic Grid Border

Large brown subway tile with a mini grid border

Oversized chocolatey subway tiles cover nearly all the surfaces in this bathroom, including the backsplash. A mini tile grid border in the same hue adds some visual interest and marks the transition from the backsplash to the wall.

45. Northampton-Like Tiles in a Metallic Glass Look

Northampton tile adaptation in a metallic glass look

Our backsplash tile bathroom ideas continue with this adaptation of the Northampton pattern. Rather than use two tile planks to create the classic L shape, this pattern uses four tiles. The choice of glass tiles in a metallic finish only adds to the design’s creativity.

46. Light Stone-Look Tile With Soft Veining

Light stone-look tile backsplash

We’ve seen several light stone-look backsplash ideas for bathrooms so far, but there’s something particularly dreamy about this one. We think it’s the tile’s especially soft veining and the fact that it covers all the bathroom surfaces. What do you say?

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47. Crisp White Diagonal Tiles

Diagonally laid white square tiles

We love a black and white design, and this bathroom nails it with white backsplash tiles in a diagonal layout and black penny round tile for the flooring.

48. Golden Patterned Tile

Backsplash tile with a gold pattern

How would you describe this tile pattern? It’s similar to a sunburst motif, but it also reminds us of flames. Maybe a bird in flight? The beauty of this golden design is found in our own interpretations — impressively unique.

49. Horizontal Picket Fence Tile in a White Marble Look

White marble-look tile in a horizontal picket fence layout

Picket fence tile gets its name from a classic white picket fence. This bathroom backsplash tile modifies the traditional design by laying the elongated hexagons horizontally rather than vertically.

50. Glossy White Mosaic Tile in a Horizontal Grid

Mosaic horizontal grid with glossy white tiles

This bathroom backsplash tile is perfectly neat, featuring a horizontal mosaic tile grid in a glossy finish and clean white hue. 

But it’s not all order in this bathroom — did you notice the mosaic hexagon tile flooring with randomly inserted black tiles? We think it’s the perfect juxtaposition of order with beautiful chaos.

51. 3D Blue Glass Tile

Blue glass tile with a three-dimensional surface

Can you imagine getting ready every day with this 3D blue glass tile to admire?

52. Marble-Look Gauged Porcelain Tile With Brown and Gray Veining

White marble-look gauged porcelain tile with unique brown and gray veining

Here’s more proof that no two white marble looks are the same. We can’t help but get lost in this tile’s dreamy brown and gray veining.

Floating Bathroom Vanity Backsplash Ideas

Most of the bathroom backsplash ideas we shared above would look great with a floating vanity. However, there are certain differences to keep in mind.

For example, you can install tile both above and below your floating vanity (all around it, really). So, you have more space to show off a pattern or natural look, and will want to keep that in mind when choosing your tile.

So, that being said, let’s take a look at some floating vanity backsplash ideas for bathrooms.

53. Marble-Look Mini Tile Grid

Mini tile grid in a marble look

Mini tile grids manage to seem both retro and hyper contemporary at the same time. This bathroom contrasts those (already contrasting) qualities with classic features such as a marble look and a vintage-inspired lighting fixture.

54. Gray Marble Look With a Teal Accent

Gray marble-look backsplash with an inserted teal marble-look border

This backsplash is a reminder that a simple pop of color goes a long way. Imagine the backsplash without the teal border — not nearly as effective, don’t you think? 

55. Gemstone-Look Gauged Porcelain Tile

Gauged porcelain tile in a gemstone look

Have you ever seen such a beautiful bathroom? In this case, the gorgeous gemstone-look gauged porcelain tile extends past the backsplash itself to the walls, flooring, and even countertop.

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56. Clean and Pristine White Tile Panels

Large white tile panels

If you want to create a bright bathroom with a clean look, you can’t go wrong with these crisp white tile panels.

57. Variegated Black Vertical Tile Grid

Variegated black tile in a vertical grid

Variegation adds a slight rustic touch to this otherwise ultra sleek bathroom, complete with a vertical black tile grid.

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58. Blue Art Deco Tile

Blue tile with an art deco pattern

Bring back the roaring ’20s with a stylish Art Deco tile pattern such as this — with decadent accents to match.

59. White Terrazzo Tile

Terrazzo-look powder room tile
Terrazzo-look tile in white

Terrazzo looks are making a major comeback, and a single look at this example will tell you why. Modern terrazzo-look installations often incorporate colorful tile and chip colors, but as you can see, white and gray can be just as effective.

60. Concrete-Look Tile and Patterned Tile

Gray cement-look powder room wall tile with patterned tile interspersed
Concrete-look tiles with black and white patterned tiles interspersed

Pair concrete-look tile with creative tile patterns and elegant accents, and what do you get? An industrial chic bathroom vanity backsplash that’s sure to impress.

61. White Northampton Tile With a Blue Accent 

White herringbone powder room tile wall with a blue accent strip
White Northampton tile with an inserted accent row of blue tiles

There’s something about Northampton tile we just can’t resist, and this backsplash ups the ante with a striking row of blue tile.

62. Wainscoting-Look White Tile

White tile installed to look like wainscoting

We love the classic look of wainscoting, even more so with easy-to clean ceramic tile.

63. Marble-Look Gauged Porcelain Tile

White gauged porcelain tile slabs in a marble look

You know by now that we’re suckers for white marble-look gauged porcelain tile, but isn’t the caramel and gray veining in this example particularly dreamy? 

64. Textured Tile in Cream

Cream textured tile with ridges

Texture can completely transform the look of your tile, as this cream bathroom backsplash tile proves.

65. Greige Marble-Look Tile

Marble-look tile in greige

This backsplash shows what a difference the veining can make in marble-look tile. Thin, angular veins create a crisp aesthetic for this greige marble look.

66. Linen-Look Tile in a 3D Cube Effect

Linen-look tile with a 3D cube pattern

A linen-like texture and diamond tiles arranged to create the look of three-dimensional cubes add visual richness to this bathroom backsplash tile.

67. Pattern Mix and Match

Mix and match of different tile patterns

Who says you have to choose just one pattern for your backsplash? We love this beautiful mix-and-match of different (but complementary) patterns.

68. Tile Mosaic in Earth Tones

Earth-toned mosaic tile grid

There’s something especially calming about this earth-toned tile mosaic — an excellent choice to create a spa-like environment in your bathroom. 

69. Parquet Tile

Wood-look tile in a parquet pattern

Parquet tile (or wood-look mosaic tile) is typically reserved for flooring, but we’re glad this bathroom doesn’t follow the norm! 

70. Minimalist Gauged Porcelain Tile in Tan

Tan gauged porcelain tile

Who remembers the KISS acronym? It’s “keep it simple, silly,” and the principle is on display in this straightforward (but effective) backsplash design.

71. Variegated Off-White Tile

Off-white tile with variegation

Subtle variegation and texture take this off-white tile from plain to intriguing.

72. Mosaic Tile Panels in Earth Tones

Earth-toned mosaic tile panels

Are we in a master bathroom or a spa? It’s hard to tell with this luxurious stone-look tile in earth tones. We particularly love the backsplash tile mosaic, which reminds us of a waterfall.

73. Matte Gauged Porcelain Tile

Gauged porcelain tile with a matte finish

Contemporary minimalism at its finest is on display in this bathroom, which features a matte gauged porcelain tile backsplash.

74. Slate-Look Tile

Slate-look tile

There’s nothing like slate-look tile to create a rustic, down-to-earth look.

75. Textured Dark Brown Marble-Look Tile

Dark brown marble-look tiles 

We don’t often see marble-look tile in brown so this backsplash is even more distinctive. The design breaks up the sparse white veining with textured lines in randomly placed tiles.

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76. Glossy White Marble-Look Tile With Gray Veining

White marble-look tiles with a glossy finish

Thanks to the glossy finish of the white marble-look tile, light reflects off of just about every surface in this bathroom.

77. Black Stone-Look Tile Grid

Tile grid in a black stone look

They say opposites attract, and that’s certainly the case in this bathroom, which juxtaposes a rustic black stone-look tile backsplash with a sleek white marble-look tile countertop. 

78. Hazelnut Stone-Look Tile

Stone-look tile in hazelnut

We love the unique tone of this warm stone-look tile, which isn’t dark brown but isn’t tan either. Hazelnut, perhaps? 

79. Distressed Black Wood-Look Tile

Black wood-look tile with a distressed effect

This bathroom summons styles of times gone by with a distressed wood-look tile backsplash in black, distressed wood-look tile flooring in white, and a greek-inspired sculpture. Wood isn’t ideal for water-prone spaces such as bathrooms. Enter durable ceramic tile, which enables you to create the look of wood (and many other surfaces) without the same maintenance concerns. 

80. Creamy Stone-Look Tile With a Patterned Accent

Stone-look tile in cream with a patterned accent

Creamy stone-look tile is a timeless design option that may also help contribute to your home’s resale value if you ever decide to sell.

81. Blue and White Wave Pattern

Tile grid with a blue and white wave pattern

We like to end things with a bang, which is why we’re wrapping up our tile backsplash ideas for bathrooms with this unique rippling blue and white tile pattern. It’s the perfect choice to make waves in your bathroom — literally!

The Very Best Bathroom Backsplash Ideas

And that’s that! We hope you’ve found the perfect bathroom backsplash tile inspiration for your home. 

This isn’t where our backsplash expertise ends, though. For even more help planning your backsplash for your bathroom — or kitchen! — check out our Comprehensive Guide to Bathroom and Kitchen Backsplash Tile.