Authentic Model Tile of the year 2019


Why Midnight Blue?

Reflecting movements in interior layout tendencies, Midnight Blue encourages the embrace of darkness. Its deep, loaded colour tones present a perception of indulgence and when paired with heat earthy tones, inner thoughts of serenity and serene create a sophisticated sanctuary.

In addition to its spectacular colour variants, this tile stands out owing to its more substantial than lifestyle structure. Measuring at 1200 x 600mm the metallic-impressed wall tile will include spectacular dimension to any space, delivering effects and wow aspect.

The ethereal textures of Midnight Blue are simply encapsulating. With wants to grow to be much more connected with spaces that encompass us, the sturdy deep hues of Midnight Blue permit you to turn into entirely immersed in tranquillity and luxurious – and, who does not want that?


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