Craig Phillips’ Advice on How To Reduce a Door Down To Measurement


If you’re arranging on laying tiles in a home in which the door opens inwards, you’ll have to have to strategy for the clearance on the base of the doorway the moment your tiles have been laid. When you lay your tiles, you will be incorporating peak to the floor, so your doorway may well no for a longer period be the suitable dimensions to very clear this smoothly. Don’t get worried however, we have enlisted the help of our resident Do-it-yourself professional, Craig Phillips, to show you how to slice a door down to dimensions to make sure it opens and closes smoother than butter! Here’s how it is performed.

What You will Need to have:

  • Pencil/pen for marking
  • Electric Screwdriver
  • Workbench x2
  • Clamps
  • PPE (dust mask and protective eyeglasses)
  • Circular saw/ handsaw
  • Electrical power sander/ sand paper

1 – Operating out how considerably to reduce away

To do this, you’ll have to have to place one of your tiles on the floor in entrance of the doorway you are organizing to reduce. Spot a further on major to account for the depth of the adhesive you will be placing underneath the tile. In which these two tiles lay on the doorway, draw a straight line all the way across.



2 – Eliminate the doorway

Making use of your electric powered screwdriver, unscrew the screws from the hinges holding your door in place to eliminate it from its body, prepared for you to lay down and slice. Lay this on 2 workbenches supporting either finish of the door. If you don’t have workbenches, any flat and strong area will do, supplying you can hold the bottom off the edge to slice your marked piece absent. Clamp the doorway on to your workbenches to maintain it in situation.

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3 – Cut away your marked piece

Set on your PPE and use a round noticed to cut absent the piece you marked previously on. If you do not have a round noticed you can use a handsaw. Use your powered sander or sand paper to clean the severe slash edge on the door, getting rid of any splintered items.



4 – Reattach the door

Use your electric screwdriver to dangle the doorway again on its hinges. Prop it from a little something to assist the excess weight if you’re performing this by itself. Open and close the door with your two tiles beneath to make certain you’ve reduce enough substance away. Now you can lay your tiles!