Encouraged by the Winchester Tile Organization


It is really been more difficult than even to pick which inspirational pictures to publish here this week. We are focusing on the Winchester Tile Company which has three collections of wonderful, hand crafted tiles for partitions. It is really been difficult but it is really unquestionably a satisfaction to pick just a several from so lots of charming images! We are guaranteed you can obtain heaps to encourage you too when you browse by way of the site and brochures.

Home tiles are on a rustic clay base which indicates they have undulating surfaces and uneven edges. There are unique glaze finishes (lustrous, crackled or shiny), metallics and hand decorated collections, all similarly at house in equally modern-day and basic kitchens and bathrooms. Contemplate co-ordinating Home tiles with natural stone, and Odyssey and Victorian floor tiles.

Artisan’s comfortable and timeless color palette was encouraged by the Suffolk coastline. Check out this collection to explore hand crafted mouldings and tiles like the brick form.

The Common Collection features a extensive array of higher gloss, co-ordinating colours, mouldings and charming hand painted tiles. Below you will locate models and colors for every thing from a farmhouse kitchen to a traditional bathroom. 

As at any time, do not overlook our Design and style File web page and Pinterest boards for yet more inspirational photography.


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