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We all know that for 1000’s of a long time the Greeks and Romans made use of mosaic to embellish the flooring of their households. So consider a leaf out of their ebook and insert a common model to your bathroom with a outstanding mosaic.

Marvelous Mosaics

Increase some dazzle to your dwelling with metallic mosaic tiles such as our Antique Pearl Aqua mosaic tile its rippling texture makes a Mediterranean Sea visual appearance, offering a clean up and contemporary really feel to your bathroom, while our abundant and shimmering Copper Foil Steel Mosaic tile adds warmth to a amazing house, developing an air of decadence. These are just two of the lots of beautiful mosaic models we have in keep. Be sure to fit our fantastically designed mosaics in an otherwise neutral room to give them the attention they should have.

on-the-beach-antique-pearl.jpg TSSG004-Copper-Brushed-25x25.jpg

Photographs above: Antique Pearl Aqua mosaic and Copper Foil Metal Mosaic

Tiling an entire wall or floor in mosaics can search remarkable, and you can get seriously resourceful listed here. You could try producing a random pattern in distinctive colors, create a pixelated image or adhere to shade variations of your one particular favourite colour. Even just a small place of mosaics will truly energise a neutral area no matter whether it is a panel on the floor, on a wall, or using it to exhibit unique basin and shower space, for occasion.

Qubic Ts3030 D4 Amethyst 2

In an all-white bathroom, a mosaic floor will glimpse gorgeous particularly if you go for a hotter colour these kinds of as Antique Pearl Bali, or pack a minor more fashion punch with a bold colour this sort of as our fairly pink Highlights Tropical.

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Consider giving an all-white scheme a very little depth and texture by combining substantial plain white tiles with more compact shimmering mosaics or incorporate some assortment into the blend with our Cosmic Lucca White/Turquoise vary.

A mosaic pattern will complement any function you happen to want to showcase. These minor jewels have this excellent capacity to emphasize a wonderful bathtub or a beautiful mirror. They are so clever they can even work about gentle corners or in unconventional spaces, and we have the type and colour of any form you materialize to think about.

Do as the Romans do – build a little something stunning with mosaics.

Cosmic Lucca 2 Medium