What does luxury mean to you?


Inspired by the fascinating ‘What is Luxurious?‘ exhibition now on at the V&A museum in Northampton, we imagined we would take a closer seem at what this phrase means and how you can convey it into your very own dwelling.

According to this exhibition: ‘Luxurious generation represents an investment in time.’ This is why we speak about working with quality finishes in your bathroom in get to make that unusual time you commit soaking in the tub experience that considerably much more indulgent. Making use of tiles or products that make you truly feel like you are investing time in a specific place will make the expertise a lot much more fulfilling.

The V&A also states that ‘Making luxurious is not concerned with realistic remedies but with the amazing, non-necessary and exclusive‘ which is probably the crux of defining it. Luxury things are not daily products that we require on a simple amount – they need to signify an indulgence. No matter if this signifies investing in a gorgeous patterned tile floor that lifts your spirits anytime you see it, or unique Mother of Pearl mosaics that elevate the glimpse of your area. These solutions go further than the vital – you could have plain white porcelain for that!

In the long run, the definition of luxurious is a deeply personalized one particular as it comes down to individual choices and tastes. Luckily, the vary of products and solutions and decision out there for our residences means that we are free to create this look ourselves, in just our individual budgets. Why not contemplate what your idea of luxury is all through your following renovation job? Could tiles aid to elevate the place? There are quite a few clever strategies of incorporating high conclusion finishes that can include that all-critical wow issue and sense of indulgence. From stylish mosaic borders, to gleaming polished marble and hand printed patterned tiles, you can find one thing to fit all preferences.

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